Never lose sleep over tax audits again.

REVREX is an accounting and analytics platform that protects small businesses and brings confidence to Tax Advisors.

"REVREX monitors for tax vulnerability and eliminates surprises."
Michael Rasmussen
Founder of REVREX

A nationally recognized financial solution. 

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What does the 'REX' stand for?

REVREX is a crucial accounting and analytics solution for accurate revenue reporting, protecting businesses from assumptions of under-reporting. Utilizing third-party data, it reconciles revenue, providing a reliable “scoreboard” for quick verification. This streamlines interactions with bankers, taxing agencies, accountants, and brokers. By bridging the gap between SMBs and accountants, REVREX aligns expectations and enhances accuracy in revenue reporting.

REVREX simplifies expense management by syncing bank transactions into a user-friendly register. Users assign codes to effortlessly classify expenses into proper accounts, eliminating the need for a tedious account ledger program. Acting as an all-in-one solution, REVREX replaces traditional bookkeeping software with its simplified general ledger system, enhanced by AI for improved efficiency and accuracy. With financial statements available monthly at a click, businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of their expenses, consistently tracked, classified, and accurately reported as a percentage of revenue.

REVREX simplifies the exit strategy process by monitoring crucial business valuation data such as CAGAR, EBITDA, EBITDA multiple, and cash flow. Whether the exit is voluntary or involuntary, the platform ensures easy access and exportability of all necessary data, facilitating a seamless transition. Recognizing the importance of exit strategies, REVREX encourages planning for both scenarios, providing a comprehensive mechanism to track progress, monitor business health, and estimate basic valuation—all conveniently accessible through a single dashboard. With 24/7 cloud access, users can retrieve essential business valuation data without the need for additional engagements or costs. Know your business value with REVREX.


maintain leverage

Maintain leverage and eliminate surprises in today’s aggressive collection environment.

reveal audit vulnerability

Highlights the key ratios that reveal audit vulnerabilities.

monitor client activity

Easily monitor the revenue and taxes paid for every client.

advise in confidence

Be confident, REVREX alerts you to problems so you can advise accordingly.

"Maintaining accurate, reconciled records that support sales tax reporting is critical for business owners. REVREX is a tool designed to meet that need."
Michele Kemp, CPA
The Kemp Firm, LLC

Our trusted partners


Here at REVREX, we want to make data collection as pain-free as possible. Thanks to our partnership with MicroBilt, we can securely (and instantly) verify your bank - allowing for simple, automatic uploads.


REVREX's exclusive partnership with CardPointe enables you to not only take credit card and ACH payments at a lower rate, but for your business payment transactions to be automatically synced with our system!

How REVREX Works: 

"REVREX changed my life for the better. It gave me the ability to know my revenue on a day-to-day, month-to-month basis.  It's all about revenue to me, and REVREX finally put me in control. No more worrying about my taxes or the end of year/beginning of year stress for what I will owe."
Brad Cobble, Business Owner
The Sea Store