Improve the Department of Revenue's efficiency
without sacrificing its accuracy.

REVREX allows the Department of Revenue to handle more businesses in less time with
higher accuracy & fewer resources needed.

The Problem

Tax audit representatives have an increasing back log of business to review or audit. Effectively reduce your back log by asking, what is your “REVREX Score“? Quickly review the score and know instantly if you need to move forward with an audit or move to the next case.

With business running leaner, lengthy audits can damage a business. This reactionary approach to audits doesn’t work anymore – REVREX is the proactive solution.

Our Solution

REVREX empowers auditors by allowing them to match CPA-delivered results with third-party data sources to accurately and quickly calculate and compare liability and payments.

Auditors can now focus on reducing their back log while improving their effectiveness and reducing costs.

REVREX is a SaaS, secure cloud application. Monthly and annual subscriptions are available.