Review more businesses in
less time & with better accuracy.

REVREX allows the Internal Revenue Services to improve accuracy, reduce audit backlogs, &
save time.
Streamline your processes by automatically skipping the businesses with healthy RevRex Scores.

The Problem

Tax agents have increasing numbers of audits to perform. Accountants may respond slowly to requests due to their workload, increasing the time spent per case by agents.

With offices running leaner, lengthy audits can damage a business. This reactionary approach to audits doesn’t work for anyone – REVREX is THE proactive solution.

Our Solution

REVREX empowers and prepares accountants for taxing agencies requests by allowing them to match CPA-delivered results with third-party data sources and resolve any discrepancies immediately – instead of addressing them reactively and wasting taxing agents time.

Accountants can now focus on enhancing their operations and profitability, while agents improve their productivity by resolving any and all discrepancies quickly and accurately.

REVREX is a SaaS, secure cloud application, presenting an easy way to review any pass-through returns.