Never lose sleep over tax audits again.

RevRex is an accounting auditing tool that protects small businesses and brings confidence to Tax Advisors.

maintain leverage

Maintain leverage and eliminate surprises in today’s aggressive collection environment.

reveal audit vulnerability

Highlights the key ratios that reveal audit vulnerabilities.

monitor client activity

Easily monitor the revenue and taxes paid for every client.

advise in confidence

Be confident, RevRex alerts you to problems so you can advise accordingly.

How RevRex Works: 

  • RevRex is a SaaS, cloud-based application
  • Reconciles revenue from multiple third-party data feeds
  • Uses the exact data needed to defend your financial position
  • Uses the same data taxing agencies use to review or audit businesses
  • Provides you with a “RevRex Score” for easy monitoring. The higher the score, the higher your protection
  • Can populate 1099k and other tax forms

Why RevRex?

RevRex gives the power back to business owners and tax advisors by cross-referencing and reconciling multiple data sources – just like the auditor does. It presents an easy-to-read dashboard and “RevRex Score” made up of critical SMB ratios that taxing agency audit manuals use to generate audit estimated challenges.

“RevRex monitors for tax vulnerability and eliminates surprises.”

Michael Rasmussen
Founder of RevRex

RevRex monitors multiple data sources to calculate tax liability ensuring that you are proactively prepared and protected from random audits.

Happy Accountant

  • Empowers business owners and tax advisors
  • Easy to read dashboard with our unique “RevRex Score”
  • Monitors multiple, third-party data feeds
  • Creates a process for proactive preparation
  • Creates confidence when (not if) audited
  • Reconciled data is always current
  • Reduce un-billable hours of preparation
  • Remove the “grey area” of new electronic payment methods
  • Do more without adding new FTE’s
  • Increase your client base
  • Move the “Burden of Proof” from you to the taxing agency
  • Combat the use of outdated audit manuals used by taxing agencies
  • Protect your reputation and your clients’ businesses
  • Less paper, more control
  • Create a new revenue stream