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REVREX monitors for tax vulnerability and eliminates surprises.”

Michael Rasmussen – Founder of REVREX

Maintain Leverage

Maintain leverage and eliminate surprises in today’s aggressive collection environment.

Monitor Client Activity

Easily monitor the revenue and taxes paid for every client.

Reveal Audit Vulnerability

Highlights the key ratios that reveal audit vulnerabilities.

Advise In Confidence

Be confident, REVREX alerts you to problems so you can advise accordingly.

How REVREX Works?


REVREX provides you with a “REVREX Score” for easy monitoring. The farther the deviation from 100%, the higher the vulnerability an SMB is exposed to revenue reporting being challenged.

REVREX is a SaaS, cloud-based accounting & analytics application

REVREX uses the exact data needed to defend your financial position

REVREX reconciles revenue from multiple third-party data feeds

REVREX can populate 1099k and other tax forms

A Nationally Recognized Financial Solution.

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Here at REVREX, we want to make data collection as pain-free as possible. Thanks to our partnership with MicroBilt, we can securely (and instantly) verify your bank – allowing for simple, automatic uploads.

REVREX’s exclusive partnership with CardPointe enables you to not only take credit card and ACH payments at a lower rate, but for your business payment transactions to be automatically synced with our system!