Welcome Tax Audits
with Open Arms

Now you can easily monitor your client’s
tax vulnerability
and gain the leverage
you need to challenge any tax audit!

Real-Time Audit Vulnerability Monitoring
for Tax Professionals

Revrex brings together into an online dashboard summary data that determines tax liability. This includes  bank deposits, credit card sales records, point of sale data and recent tax data. Each client gets a “Revrex score” indicating your client’s current tax audit vulnerability.

maintain leverage

Maintain leverage and eliminate surprises in today’s aggressive collection environment.

reveal audit vulnerability

Highlights the key ratios that reveal audit vulnerabilities.

monitor client activity

Easily monitor the revenue and taxes paid for every client.

advise in confidence

Be confident in knowing when there’s an issue and advise accordingly.

The Revrex score tracks weekly deposits, sales and taxes paid

and presents a Revrex Score, quickly revealing your client’s tax vulnerability. 

Advise proactively, in confidence. 

Rather than waiting till the end of each quarter to sort out your client’s position, you’re on top of it with exact information whenever an audit situation arises. 


Revrex lets you do easily what your clients think you’re already doing!


Why Revrex is Essential in Today’s
Tax Aggressive Environment

With government budgets wrecked by Covid-19, both federal and state authorities are focused on maximizing tax receipts. Outdated and obsolete audit procedures are helping them achieve this. 

Tax laws have not kept up with new electronic payment methods and online distribution services such as DoorDash and Uber Eats thus creating a “grey area” for interpretation by the taxing agency, usually to their benefit.

Of course, the burden of proof is ALWAYS on the business owner and their tax advisor. Compounding the problem, most tax advisors are not equipped to react to the demands of the increasingly aggressive taxing agency. Accountants can spend hours, often not billed, on research and preparation. Audits disrupt the daily business of both the tax advisor and the business owner. With offices running leaner, lengthy audits can take down a business owner. This reactionary approach to audits doesn’t work anymore. More

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