Be more than an accountant.
Become a Business Advisor.

REVREX improves your revenue, customer retention, accuracy, & accountability, while reducing time spent on Department of Revenue and IRS requests, giving you more time to gain new customers - all without adding new FTE's.

The Problem

Tax advisors are not equipped to react effectively to the demands of increasingly aggressive taxing agencies.

With businesses running leaner, lengthy audits can put an enormous strain on a business. A reactionary approach to audits doesn’t work anymore – REVREX is your proactive, accurate solution.

Our Solution

REVREX empowers accountants and prepares you for taxing agency’s inquires by allowing you to match CPA delivered results with third-party data sources and resolve any discrepancies immediately, instead of addressing them reactively when a taxing agency issues an inquiry.

Accountants can now focus on improving their operations and profitability as opposed to worrying about potential audits.

REVREX is a SaaS, secure cloud application. Accountants can set up client accounts and provide secure access to their clients.

Accountants may purchase a monthly or annual subscription, allowing them flexibility with their clients.