Be More Than an Accountant.

Become a Business Advisor.


The Benefits

REVREX improves your revenue, customer retention, accuracy, & accountability, while reducing time spent on Department of Revenue and IRS requests, giving you more time to gain new customers – all without adding new FTE’s.

Increase Revenue

Develop a new revenue stream by offering REVREX’s services to your clients.

More Clients

Retain more clients by providing more value to them – without adding FTE’s.

Reduce Anxiety

Neutralize the anxiety from tax agency notifications.

Reduce Labor

Save time by decreasing the amount of work spent preparing tax returns.

Increase Accuracy

Guaranteed accurate data reporting, achieving success for you AND your clients.


REVREX unlocks a new, high-value service that you can provide for your clients to improve your revenue, retention, & reputation.

Develop a new revenue stream

Retain more clients by providing more value

Add more clients without adding FTE’s

Guarantee accurate data reporting

Reduce the concern of being audited

Decrease time spent preparing tax returns

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