Don’t Just Hope Your Accountant is Right.

Check Your "REVREX Score" in Seconds.


The Benefits

REVREX is THE small business owner’s tool for peace of mind at a minimal cost. Defend yourself from audits, ensure accurate sales tax calculations, receive “at a glance” data from any device, and much more.

Peace of Mind

Create peace of mind for yourself at a minimal cost.

Accurate Data

Generate accurate revenue data for your tax returns.

Less Work

REVREX generates a “Business FICO” score for you.

Back Up Plan

Save time by decreasing the amount of work spent preparing tax returns.

Mobile Friendly

Get accurate “at-a-glance” data on any of your devices.


REVREX unlocks a new, high-value service that you can provide for your clients to improve your revenue, retention, & reputation.

Defend against audits

Receive quick & accurate data for your tax returns

Verify the data submitted by your accountant

Gain accurate “at a glance” data on any device

Ensure accurate sales tax calculations

Create peace of mind at a minimal cost

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