Review More Businesses In Less Time

and With Greater Accuracy.


The Benefits

REVREX allows the Department of Revenue to handle more businesses in less time with higher accuracy & fewer resources needed.

Less Work

Close more cases with less work per agent.

Increase Efficiency

Increase effectiveness of agents by making tax compliance reviews quicker, easier, and more accurate.

Save More

Use less paper, documents, and time per audit.

Remove Clutter

Reduce your backlog of audits.

Accomplish More

Handle more audits in less time.


REVREX unlocks a new, high-value service that you can provide for your clients to improve your revenue, retention, & reputation.

Handle more businesses with less work per representative

Business reviews are quicker, easier, & more accurate

Eliminate the backlog of businesses to be audited

Less paper, research, & time spent on each audit

Verify that accurate revenue is being reported

Confirm accurate sales tax liability

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